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Singing Waiters Showdown: Who are Ireland’s Best Singing Waiters?

diva-singing-waiters-with-tv-star-pat-byrneYoung or old, you've no doubt stumbled upon the concept of Singing Waiters when looking to book a more unique style of entertainment for your upcoming event. Being informed and knowing how to choose are the best ways to make sure your entertainers match the importance of your Special Day - so read on and we'll guide you through it all.

No matter which group and which waiter style you book you can rest assured that your guests will be thoroughly satisfied by the show. Singing Waiters are a spectacular novelty, capable of bringing the element of surprise to any type of party - be it a formal ball, a wedding, or even a birthday party for the kids.

Surprises are one thing that people rarely forget. So make your party memorable to all your guests with this tasteful, truly unique show.

How Does the Show Play Out?

There are numerous twists to the Singing Waiters routine, and we believe that knowing all the details in advance can spoil the show for you, but here's a typical rundown of it: the evening starts with your guests being served their entrees by seemingly-ordinary waiters.

After a certain amount of time has passed, the waiters will reveal their musical side and begin the show, usually starting in the middle of your guests and then climbing up the stage.

Diva Singing Waiters

If you are looking for an all-female musical group, a top choice would be the Diva Singing Waiters. These waitresses will delight your guests with their soothing voices and exceptional stage performance.

Disco Singing Waiters

Throw your guests back to the colourful 80s with an amazing ensemble of Disco Singing Waiters! Fun, flahy music performed by talented singers are guaranteed to help unwind even the most conservative of guests!

Wedding Singing Waiters

As a soon-to-be bride (or groom), it's your duty to make sure your loved ones have fun at your Wedding Reception as a reward for the fact that they, well, attended it. With something as unusual as this act you ensure that your Wedding will stay in the memories of your family and friends for many, many years.

More Singing Waiter Styles

Celtic Singing Waiters are the poison of choice for the ones that are VERY Irish at heart.

Swinging Waiters are the winning choice for any formal event, bringing refinement and class through their impeccable Jazz playlists. Save for booking a actual Jazz Bands, this is probably the easiest way to win the hearts of a high-class audience.

Opera Singing Waiters step the game up a notch and are bound to be a treat for the fans of Pavarotti, Verdi, Rossini and other classics.

Singing Waiters

Musician Waiters
Singing Waiters are a unique entertainment idea for Corporate Events and Weddings alike.
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